oops !! that happened

Hi my name is Gerald One day I was so angry that I took of from his home into the deep, dark woods. That were located on the east side of  babushka. There was a very big brown crumbly tree and I went to punch it. Owwwwww!!  he yelled as his fist was bleeding it was a way to get out my anger but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard. I stormed home with a leaf as a band aid and told my mum EVERYTHING and she treated me and i was up and better the following week. I will never do that again I said happily.

2 thoughts on “oops !! that happened

  1. Hi Sophie. Thank you for supporting my work I will try and get to 100 or more or closer. I enjoyed reading your work. I love the leaf for a Band Aid. Keep writing.

  2. I like the way your story shows how Gerald reflected on what he had done to the tree, and to himself, and as a result he decided never to do that again. I really like the way you describe the tree as ‘big brown crumbly’, Sophie. I can just picture it. I also like the idea of using a leaf as a band aid.

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